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My name is Stacee Gillelen and I am a mother of four. I’m also a wife, a sister, a daughter, and in 2005, I added a few other titles to that list: a jewelry designer, a philanthropist, and a business owner. What started simply as a personal passion for unique and customized jewelry, launched into Dragonfly Designs, a successful business in South San Francisco, California. Dragonfly Designs services the entire bay area with jewelry-making education, stylized birthday parties, and special-event entertainment.
But more than creating a family business focused on baubles and colorful beads, I wanted my children to become global citizens with an expanded worldview. I hired a Spanish-speaking nanny to teach my children the language as I went back to college to do the same. I completed a course in Early Childhood Education with the expectation of pursuing a degree in social work--that is, until I discovered jewelry making.
Initially, Dragonfly Designs sold retail and wholesale jewelry while hosting birthday parties. The company has since evolved to encompass my passion for education, social justice, and art. In addition to our original offerings, I currently run summer camps, language immersion art programs, as well as song and movement programs taught in Mandarin and Spanish. We teach to the whole child, incorporating age-appropriate child development milestones into everything we do. We also offer yoga to inspire creativity, a love of learning, and healthy minds/bodies.
Looking to serve women and children not only locally, but abroad, I began spending summers in Central and South America with my children. They attended local schools while I continued to improve my Spanish. We began traveling with the intent of teaching jewelry making classes as an enjoyable activity and a skill set to earn a living. We have travelled together to Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, and the Dominican Republic.
My daughters have begun leading after-school enrichment jewelry-making classes at their elementary schools, teaching jewelry making in Spanish in other countries, and hosting birthday parties with the poise and confidence of adults twice their age. Dragonfly Designs has truly become a family business, and we love what we do. We pour our heart and soul into making every interaction with Dragonfly Designs an experience that goes above and beyond expectations!
~ Stacee Gillelen
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